Happy Birthday, Isabel!

Today is the publication date for my novel, Isabel and the Miracle Baby! I started writing it 8 years ago, so it’s had a long gestation period. A long labor, you might say.

I’m reading a little Anne Lamott from Bird by Bird  today, from the chapter called “Publication” :

          “There is something mythic about the date of publication, and you actually come to believe that on this one particular morning you will wake up to a phone ringing off the hook and your publisher will be so excited that they will have hired the Blue Angels precision flying team to buzz your squalid little hovel…Or at least they will remember to send flowers.”

Ha! Well, my baby son did reward me by giving me four whole hours of sleep in a row last night.  Speaking of Anne Lamott and baby sons, I’m about to re-read her Operating Instructions, a favorite of mine, always great but never more so than during those foggy days of newborn parenting.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Isabel!

  1. Emily….I am so proud of you. What a labor of love this book has been! I’m very excited to run out and get my copy. May God bless you with the time and inspiration to write many more. Kisses to the babies!

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